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Architectural Design

At Human Element Architects, we deliver a wide range of expertise in architectural design. Serving clients ranging from Medical & Life Sciences to Education & Government, we provide a full scope of architectural services to each individual client.   

ADA Accessibility Reports

ADA rules and regulations were created to assist the over 54 million Americans living with a disability. As a result, deeming accessibility prior to design can assist clients and building owners in providing a supportive built environment. Reports support compliance during both the design and construction phases, post-built evaluation studies, space planning, and interior design; all geared towards complying with the ADA rules and regulations.


As-built Documentation

Construction documents serve as an accurate guide during the building process, but do not always reflect the final outcome.  As construction progresses, changes occur that are not always properly recorded. As-Built documentation contains the clarity necessary to interpret any changes between the construction documents and final outcome. They also can also serve as the resource needed for future maintenance, planning or renovations.

Construction Administration

We are your hands-on experts during the construction administration phase to keep the project on-time and on budget. We are able to address any adjustments quickly and effectively. Keeping us involved during the construction phase ensures a much smoother process overall.

Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility studies provide an in-depth site analysis to determine if the proposed project is suitable for construction. We also ensure that zoning regulations and building codes are adhered to within the conceptual design on the front-end; in order to avoid any costly surprises.

Interior Design

Our interior design team is dedicated to breathing life into the structural boundaries of each architectural plan.  Keeping spatial awareness in mind, our designs incorporate clean lines, innovative finishes with a blend of texture while delivering a safe and organized environment.

Laboratory Planning

Within the research built environment, every square inch of space counts and needs to be adaptable to both academic and research requirements. While planning, we take into account how each space can best serve the research staff in all phases of their work.  

Master Planning

A master plan translates the vision of the proposed built environment into an innovative but functional reality.  Zoning regulations, building codes and site development specifications can deliver a unique challenge to any project, and must be considered on the front end. Services include but are not limited to strategic planning, site assessment, planning regulations, conducting peer and community engagement reviews.

Renderings and 3D Models

3D modeling can provide our clients a virtual representation of the end product prior to document development. These models allow the full vision of the project to be displayed, giving the client a clear picture of the end result.

Space Planning

At Human Element Architects, we incorporate space planning when our clients require an efficient use of the proposed space. Older spaces that are undergoing a renovation would be prime candidates for space planning since new technology, equipment or furniture tend to command new footprints. Space planning is also valuable in new construction projects, where the final design requires flexibility within a dynamic environment.

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