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About Us

Human Element Architects is a full service architectural firm founded in 2008. We have grown through our commitment to keep the Client at the center of every project.

While our projects range in size and complexity, Human Element Architects excels in bringing outstanding services to every client regardless of the size of their project. And because experience matters, our clients receive Principal involvement on every project. Thanks to our extensive experience and technical understanding, we excel at putting together the nuts and bolts of specialized projects.

Human Element Architects believes that good design brings measurable value to every project. Whether it is a simple office renovation or complex building, there is inherent value for the occupants, the owner and the community when a project is given proper and diligent attention to design. 
We know that our design must begin with talking to and listening to the Client. We believe that our clients understand their wants and needs best and it our task to help discover, define and translate those needs into their project. We strive to build lasting relationships and attribute our success to our fundamental principles.

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