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Project Details

73,000 sq ft, five floors

FDA Building Renovation
Atlanta, Georgia

In order to expand the capability of and bring modern, high-tech functionality to an existing facility in Atlanta, Human Element Architects first provided schematic designs for a building addition. We then created the schematic designs for the internal renovations of the existing building to complement the building addition's more modern design.

The design concept aimed to seamlessly merge the new building with the existing five-story structure, revitalizing outdated spaces into a contemporary urban hub for retail and office use. External renovations were meticulously crafted to harmonize the aesthetics of the original building with the new addition, fostering a sleek and modern atmosphere befitting Midtown Atlanta. The ground floor was allocated for 43,000 square feet of retail space, while the second floor accommodated 30,000 square feet for offices. The remaining floors were designated for FDA usage.

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